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Does anybody actually read these “About Us” pages?  We are a small, independently owned and operated gift shop.  And by “we”, I mean “me”.  After 25 years of consulting for a big company – a company that promised us a future with them in exchange for demanding 60-80 hours per week and being away from home for months at a time, I received a company-wide commendation for saving two large accounts – and 3 weeks later, was unceremoniously terminated without cause – along with the rest of my team.

After such an epic betrayal, I wasn’t eager to go through it all again with another large company – and decided to try my hand at entrepreneurship instead. I decided to open this gift shop!  For now, it’s just me with a little assistance from a half dozen different AI tools (and my family).  I’m the website administrator, the marketing director, the sales manager, the product designer, the privacy officer and the entire support department.

As I compose this ‘about me’ section on September 14, 2023, the gift shop is not yet open for business and I haven’t sold a single item.  I’ve put a month of development into this endeavour so far and I’ve spent a small fortune on hosting fees, software subscription costs and website plugins. I’m just about ready to take this site out of testing mode and run my first ad and see what happens.

We hope you like our products and designs and will consider one of them as a gift for a loved one.

(Some of the links below might still be broken – but I hope to get them fixed before you ever see them!)

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